Embodied Yoga

merging the wisdom of tradition with the wisdom of the moment

Yoga and Meditation:

Celebrating Freedom in Movement and Stillness

Your body is sacred. Your mind is vast. Your spirit- magnificent.

Imagine how it would feel to wake up with the urge to meditate. Imagine your body leading the way through movement, with ease and grace. Imagine the delight of following your desires and knowing that your awakening is bliss for the whole Universe.

These are some of the fundamental principles that the non-dual practices of tantra offer.

Embodied Yoga is an experiential journey of going nowhere and arriving into now, over and over again. These are sacred tools, collected and refined over millennia by humans just like you and I, devoted to knowing what it means to be in love with life.

Perhaps the most inviting aspect of Yoga is that it is available to us at any moment. The practices of movement, breathing, sounding, contemplation and meditation, need no specific equipment or location outside of oneself. All that is required is a curiosity to experience something new and a willingness to let go of the illusion of separation.

I have been deeply immersed in Yogic studies for 15 years. The more my practice “advances”, the more I understand that it is so much less about the what and so much more about the why.

The mantra, mudra, asana, pranayama and meditations are all divinely encoded with the wisdom of how to awaken to love and live as our highest potential. And, these sacred resources are simply doorways into who we already are. This is the beauty of the paradox.

We are already awake and there are things we can do to remember this truth.

When I first started Yoga I thought it was about purifying the “badness” out of me. That lead me down a path of trying to be a “good” yogi and along came all the very convincing voices of being a fraud and a failure. Ouch.

If there is one piece I’d love you to know about yourself and yoga- it’s that this practice is about loving all parts of yourself back into the whole.

This is the Yoga that I am devoted to living and sharing and I welcome you on a journey of claiming and celebrating all that you are, as you are.

Embodiment- what is it?

Living life through the body.

I believe that our feelings are the signs we’ve been waiting for and emotions are a life compass that can guide us into alignment with our deepest longings.

I used to see emotions as weakness and crying as a lack of control. I thought being “icy” and untouchable was a strength until I learned that there’s always a cost to not feeling and numbing is not soothing nor a solution to the underlying need.

My healing path, through the labyrinth of trauma, Body Shame and Bulimia, lead me into the world of Somatic Therapy and Humanistic Psychology where I learned that sensitivity is a super power, needs are nourishing and when given the opportunity, the body will always move towards ease and away from dis-ease.

Embodiment is a felt sense of Self.

It is living from and as the intelligence of the body, listening to the messages of the subconscious and expressing as an integrated whole.

Embodiment is a process of knowing ourselves as whole.

It involves feeling into the various layers of the Self and being lead by this very intelligence which is alive in every single cell that contributes to our being human.

For example, we can enter into the awareness of a tissue, let’s say the skin, and through the conscious intelligence of skin, better understand ourselves. Skin is a continuous wrapping of awareness that communicates to our inner and outer world. It is a boundary, a way to know where we end and another begins. It it protective, flexible, adaptable, strong, and renews itself. It senses, touches, and releases.

By sensing, feeling into and moving from more and more of the body, we literally begin to expand into our fullest self.

Flow -life in the sweet spot

Flow is when what you are feeling, thinking and doing are in alignment.

It’s the moment on the mountain top when all the inner noise is absorbed by space and stillness.

It’s being absorbed by wonder as you stroll through a new city.

It’s the bounce of each stride as you run for hours and lose track of time.

Essentially Flow is a continuous state of presence and it’s an art and a practice to step into, stay in and return to Flow.

This is my why behind all of the movement, meditation and healing modalities that I do, to return to Flow, over and over and over again.