into the Ocean of the Self

Personal Records

Freediving Acheivements

  • -98 meters [Constant Weight]

  • 18 X National Records [Free Immersion, Constant Weight]

  • World Champion Silver Medalist

  • SSI Level 3 Freediving Instructor

  • Co-founder of Freedive Gili

Why I Freedive

I call Freediving a Soul-sport, like rock-climbing, surfing and trail running, a Soul-sport is spiritual, artistic, beautiful and most of all totally at the mercy of Nature. Freediving is the art of diving on one breath. It contains the perfect ingredients to be a portal into Flow. It is challenging, humbling, rewarding and also, playful! I dive because I like to feel the Ocean on my skin and myself in the Ocean. I dive deeper and deeper because I am drawn to towards my potential and am an insatiably curious human in love with getting to know life through this body.

Embodied Freediving

Embodied Freediving is a way to learn how to Freedive through curiosity, compassion and the courage for an empowering and integrated exploration of what it’s really like to dive deeper within.

Experience the Ocean through the whole body. Allow the power of the elements to expand your awareness and awaken new pathways into flow. Play in wonder around coral reefs and marine life. Learn how to trust yourself and your buddies so you can dive safely together.

I facilitate Embodied Freediving Immersions that blend Yoga, Meditation, Somatics and Authentic Relating for a juicy and rich journey into the unknown.

Embodied Freediving- Level 1, 3 days

Embodied Freediving- Level 2, 3 days

Embodied Freediving- Level 3, 5 days