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Hey-I’m Kate

I am a Champion Freediver, Yogi, Mentor of embodied living and Wild Woman with an appetite for adventure and authentic connections. I am here to help you live passionately, love freely and dive deeper within.

Embodied Living -Inspired by Nature

I believe that play is a spiritual practice, sensitivity is a super power and that presence is the greatest healing force. I hold spontaneity as sacred and pleasure as a priority. I believe that blisters are worth it when summoned by mountains and the soul knows its way in the wilderness. I am devoted to living this adventure of being human as authentically and curiously as I can and welcome you to join me on the journey into the wild reaches of the soul. Whether it’s a 7 day retreat, a month long Yoga Teacher Training, a Freediving Course, or ongoing private sessions, everything I lead is with the intention of claiming and celebrating what it means to be human, together. 

Embodied Journeys

Dive deep into the wilderness of your Self. Tap into the aliveness and power of being in nature and soften your heart open to the support of community. Let’s celebrate this juicy ride of being human. It’s better together.


Become a Yoga Teacher

Live the practice.

Bridging the wisdom of the Yogic tradition with modern psychology, embodiment practices and experiences in deep nature, these trainings are life-changing immersions in Yoga, Meditation and Authentic Living. Experience lasting personal transformation, develop your spiritual practice and awaken the teacher within.


Wild Soul Retreats

Adventures for the open hearted.

Celebrate freedom through authentic adventures inspired by jaw-dropping nature and conscious community. Spark your creative fire, ignite your passion, and embrace heart to heart connections with curious souls who like to keep things real and raw. This is all things soul and a little sass- for the spiritual badass,


Freediving Immersions

Going deeper within.

Imagine the silence of a night sky, the rapture of seeing snow for the first time, and the total presence that comes from being immersed in a force far bigger than yourself. Freediving is a soul sport and the ultimate deep dive into the healing power of the Ocean and the infinite potential of the Self.

What people are saying:

“Surprise! I thought I was “just” learning how to teach yoga. This month was so much more than I could have imagined. I felt safe to step way outside of my comfort zone and I am so glad I did! I now know that I actually do like to dance, I can maintain eye contact for 3 minutes and lead a room through a Yoga practice with clarity and confidence. I am walking away with a new level of respect for my body, friends who feel like family and a readiness to get into the world and start teaching. Thank you!”

-Kelly, USA [200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training]

“Working with Kate really is an adventure! I appreciate her skill and capacity to support me in my most vulnerable places and the way she weaves her playful spirit into our sessions. I always look forward to our calls and walk away feeling ready for the week ahead.

-Megan, Australia [Private Coaching]

“Kate is a truly inspiring teacher and woman. Entrepreneur, elite athlete and intuitive healer is an impressive mix and she embodies them all with grace. I look forward to going deeper within (and without) again soon! Thank you and dive on!

-Sam, UK [Embodied Freediving]

“Thank you, Kate! You are such a wonderful person and I am so grateful to have you as a teacher. I have learnt so much about myself. I feel much stronger, happier, confident, inspired, self-aware and self-assured. I am so happy, I feel like I can access my truth and speak from my inner voice.”

-Natalie Basch, South Africa [200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training]

“This month has changed my life, the way I see things, the way I think and process ideas. Thank you for creating such an open and supportive atmosphere. I am so excited and inspired to take on life. Kate provided us with all the tools any yogi could ask for. I feel like anything is possible now!”

– Cat McGillivray, Scotland [200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training]

“Your approach to teaching is truly inspiring. You’ve cultivated our autonomy from the very beginning and this is key to us being ready to teach. Namaste.”

– Magda Grzelka, Poland [200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training]