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It’s Better Together


Work With Me:

I believe in that your imperfections are rich with insight, your challenges are invitations into a new way of living and that your awakening is a gift to the world.

I see your desire to deepen your connection to yourself and to life and I am here to help you expand into the fullness of who you are while honoring your current experience.

My personal process has taken me deeper and deeper into the layers of the Self and I am grateful for the guidance and support along the way. I believe that ongoing support is as much a form of nourishment as food and am in love with this work.

I offer private sessions in person and over Skype. The sessions are a co-created, intuitive journey of deep listening, embodied expression and lasting integration.

Support and Mentoring: 60 minutes $100

Wild Soul Journey- 8 weeks of ongoing support: $1000

1 Private Session per week
Weekly exercises (individualised, specific to where you are at and what you are moving through)
Open line of communication (via emails)

** Prices are quoted in USD

Contact me to schedule a free consultation.